the thumbsup process

We have stringent guidelines to make sure that our food:

  • Is safe to eat
  • Is produced in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Is priced so that farmers receive a fair and equitable wage to support their family
  • Is produced so that animals are treated with respect and dignity
  • Utilizes the smallest amount of fossil fuel during production as possible
To accomplish this, we created the ThumbsUpTM process. This involves:
  • Regularly performing animal welfare audits and working directly with the farmers.
  • Ensuring their product is being made responsibly, helping them to make adjustments to production if necessary.
  • Testing products to ensure that they are safe and clean. Eating it! You never know if something tastes good until you taste it.
  • Setting a schedule of distribution ensuring efficient use of our trucks and the quickest distribution of perishables.
  • Working long hours when the food is in season.
  • Soliciting feed back from you, the customer.
  • Educating the customer about our process and the food.